We’re celebrating 25 years of stories

This spirit of sharing and storytelling is at the very foundation and heart of Sonlight. It’s how we got our start 25 years ago. Our co-founder and president, Sarita Holzmann, visiting over the fence with neighbor Becky Lewis, realized that many moms were overwhelmed with homeschooling. So together, they set out to find and create the best materials available. They had discovered that learning (and teaching) could be fun, and they wanted other families to have a similar experience. And so we became the original literature-based curriculum. (Kids LOVE our stories – some of the best books ever written.)

Since that backyard discussion many years past, Sonlight has grown by leaps and bounds as satisfied moms and dads tell other moms and dads, and so on. Some things are just too special not to share. And so it goes. As families – hundreds of thousands by now, and growing daily – discover the joy of learning together with Sonlight, they naturally pass it on. That’s the power of a good story.

Write your family story with Sonlight

As parents, you welcomed your children into the world, have their best interests in mind and are excited about their future. What kind of person do you envision your son or daughter will become?

We believe that you want your children to be great listeners, deep thinkers and lifelong learners – to reach their full potential and make their mark. Our Christ-centered curriculum makes it a priority to help them realize their worth, find their place and fulfill their purpose.

Whatever your goals for your family, we’ll show you how to ignite the joy of discovery and build a foundation of close relationships from which young lives can successfully launch.

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25 Years of Inspiring a Love to Learn Back to Sonlight