Dear Friend,

Sonlight’s 25th anniversary is closely linked to you. You daily kindle a love for learning, invest in your children, and equip them to serve the Lord. When I think of the books you read, the minds you sharpen, the hearts you shape, I know full well that this 25th anniversary is a celebration of what you do and what God is doing.

Your family empowered

You are your children’s best teacher. My aim is to bolster you and give you the resources you need to do what you do best. You can do this, you are not alone, and you can enjoy the journey.

When Sonlight first began, I prayed we could keep a missionary on the field for just one more year by making education doable at home. Graciously, God enabled us to accomplish that goal and to expand that vision. In a similar vein, I pray that your family, whatever your occupation, would be empowered to do what God has called you to do. I am in awe when I see what God has done in and through you and the hundreds of thousands of families and students we’ve served these last 25 years.

Your students equipped

Your children inspire me. Your students have gone to unreached peoples in obscure places, entered the halls of Harvard and Oxford, made homes where they are faithfully raising another generation, become leaders in medicine, linguistics, music, education and a myriad of diverse vocations all in the name of serving our Lord. We are proud of each one. How powerful to see your children, many now homeschooling your grandchildren, use their gifts for God’s glory!

Your impact on education

Your demand for stellar resources for your children has helped us keep quality books in print, positively influence the publishing industry and pioneer a literature-based education movement these last 25 years. You have helped us influence education. The results speak for themselves. Your children have learned so much. You have learned so much! I am so blessed to see how much you have grown together.

Your impact on the world

You encourage me with your generosity and global focus. You have helped raise over a million dollars for missions. Through the Sonlight learning and giving projects you have:

  • Helped over 7,500 Indian women learn to read and hear the Gospel
  • Funded a New Testament translation for the Meeto people of Mozambique
  • Enabled 360,000 children in India to attend Bible Clubs, get tutoring and hear about Jesus
  • Raised over $300,000 to buy radios for Muslim families who have not yet had a chance to hear of Jesus
  • Funded missions in the Muslim world, giving over 320,000 Muslims the opportunity to meet Jesus

In addition to these specific projects, your curriculum purchases have enabled us to give generously from our profits to further the Great Commission. Because of your homeschooling with Sonlight, we have been able to impact the world together.

So we aren’t just hitting a date on a calendar. We are celebrating changed lives, thanking God for His watchcare and grace, and honoring you who inspire us each day as you love learning together. I count it a privilege and joy to share in this homeschool journey with you.

If you are just discovering Sonlight, I pray you will find inspiration and support for delightful, world-changing homeschooling in your own family.

As we look ahead to the next 25 years, I can only guess at what God may do in and through your family here and around the world. Like any lover of good stories, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Sarita Holzmann Blessings, Sarita Holzmann Sarita Holzmann President
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