“We are watching our children become more aware of the world around them, more sensitive to the needs of hurting people and more confident that God can use anyone willing to obey His call.” –Christy G.
Empowering families to change the world

One of our top goals is to help you raise kids with a heart for the world. Beyond teaching excellence in the “Three Rs,” we want to build an awareness of the needs in our world and a value for serving others. From missionary biographies, studies of world cultures and a priority of prayer, we seek to empower you to raise globally-minded, Christ-centered students who are prepared to make a difference wherever they go.

Changing lives through giving projects

You have helped raise over a million dollars for missions. Through the Sonlight learning and giving projects you have:

  • Pulled 7,500 Indian women from illiteracy and introduced them to our Savior
  • Funded a New Testament translation for the Meeto people of Mozambique
  • Enabled 360,000 children in India to attend Bible Clubs, get tutoring and hear about Jesus
  • Raised over $300,000 to buy radios for Muslim families who have not yet had a chance to know Jesus
  • Funded missions in the Muslim world, giving over 320,000 Muslims the opportunity to meet Jesus
Giving strategically as a company

In addition to the giving projects, your curriculum purchases have enabled us to give generously from our profits to further the Great Commission. We’re thankful to take part in strategic efforts to carry the Gospel to Tribals, Hindus, Unreached Chinese, Muslims and Buddhists.

Equipping students through our scholarship program

Sonlight invests in lifelong learning by providing a scholarship program for Sonlight graduates. Since the year 2000, we’ve awarded 129 scholarships totaling $1,056,500.

These graduates are serving around the globe, from Texas to Turkey, making their mark in a variety of fields and specialties.

“The Sonlight curriculum in particular, with its many books and vivid stories about other cultures and missionaries awoke a love of history, of other cultures and languages, and an interest in missions work and Bible translation which have been part of the Lord’s leading me to where I am today.” –Bethany Carlson, Missionary and Linguist, South America (Scholarship Winner 2011)
“My children have grown in their understanding of people, in their heart for the world, in their awe of God’s power at work today, and in their sense of purpose in this world.” –Annette B.
“I think that, in part, God created Sonlight so we would be able to stay in Japan as missionaries all these years! Knowing that our children have been getting an excellent education at home, has enabled us to survive and thrive during our these 30 years in Japan. What you originally set out to do – to make a curriculum that would suit and help others on the mission field and make their homeschooling experience a JOY – became a reality! We are one very grateful family for that.” –Jill O.
25 Years of Inspiring a Love to Learn Back to Sonlight